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Welcome to Auctio Property Marketing
the fastest, most cost effective manner by which to bring real estate, and property to the market place. The AUCTIO auction method facilitates the selling of real estate by adding significant marketing techniques and a time element that entices all genuinely and remotely interested bidders to bid competitively on auction day, therefore creating fair market value for highest and best use.

The AUCTIO auction method of marketing creates a form of competition that cannot be duplicated by private treaty. Each bid reinforces the market value of the property. This affirmation of value encourages other participants to continue bidding. Within all of us is a tremendous need to win. In a traditional real estate sale the buyer satisfies this need by negotiating the seller down. In an auction the buyer can only win if he outbids all other bidders.

We believe that time is money. An AUCTIO Property Marketing auction is the quickest way to convert what you own into immediate cash. If you are ready to retire and free yourself from a confining business . . . or you wish to move, and need cash in a hurry . . . if you're the executor of an estate that requires prompt liquidation . . . or you represent a bank that wishes to convert some properties to make other investments, then Auctio Property Marketing can make money for you, while saving time.

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