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  Buying Real Estate has become this frustratingly long drawn out process, full of unnecessary games and hassles. The Buyer has an agent; the seller has agents, each have their own agendas. The buyer’s agent wants to make the sale, the seller’s agent wants to get the highest price possible, and both pressure you to make an offer. Then there's the counter offer. Then, you look at other properties. Offer. Counter offer. More properties… A seemingly endless cycle…

When you buy at an Auctio Property Auction, you eliminate the games…
We’ve concentrated on helping our clients, the sellers, find the right buyer and complete the transaction in minimal time, with minimal hassle. The buyer enjoys the same benefits; buying happens fast with minimal hassle. No time is wasted in fruitless negotiations, no long delays in closing. Everything happens to a strict timetable that’s laid out well in advance.

Bidding is Open and Transparent
You, and all other interested buyers will come together and place competitive bids face to face for one individual property, in a live auction. Everyone knows whom they're bidding against and what bid is on the table at all times. There are no mysterious “other” offers that are so prevalent in traditional negotiations, everything is open and transparent. And when the winning bid is determined, the property is sold right then and there.

Auctio Auctions are For Serious Sellers and Buyers
By the way, this is not an opportunity to try to “steal” a property. You should not assume that properties listed here are distressed, or that the seller is desperate. This is not a fire sale. We strive to present fine properties whose owners are eager to complete the sale fast, whether to close an estate, free up their equity quickly, or just to avoid the waiting and hassle involved in traditional real estate marketing. We attract serious buyers who will quickly leave you behind if you're only there to buy at a low-ball price.
When you see an auction date and time listed, understand; that is when the property will be sold. Be there early to register and inspect the property if I you wish to bid. Have your financing in place and a cash deposit with you according to the terms listed. You don't want to miss the opportunity by showing up unprepared.

Due Diligence is done before the Auction
The Auctio Property Auction timetable, gives you ample time to duly prepare for the auction, as home purchases require a sometimes-lengthy investigation process. The Property Information Package (PIP) contains such pertinent information as the completed water test, an up-to-date property inspection, and copies of last year property taxes just to list a few examples. This PIP will help you as you complete your due diligence before you bid at the auction.

Auctions show Market Value
Buying at auction also means you will not pay more than the market dictates the property is worth. The final bid is often only a few hundred dollars at most above the under bidder, demonstrating there was someone else prepared to pay a similar price. Auction properties receive a high level of marketing providing a good deal of information on the property up front. Unlike other methods of marketing which force you to do all the inspections and testing after the frustratingly long negotiations have ended, the Auctio Property Auction method allows you to do all the necessary testing before the auction has started. Thus saving you many unforeseen headaches and countless hours in re-negotiations.

And finally, an auction is your best opportunity to get that property you have your heart set on, at a price you know is fair. Remember, you're only going to pay one bid more than someone else was willing to pay.