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  Welcome to Auctio Property Marketing, a Liptay Auctions Affiliate. As real estate sales remain some of the most difficult, inefficient and illiquid transactions in the marketplace. From having to 'price' property to navigating lengthy negotiations, sellers and buyers alike often suffer immense costs and frustration. Auctio Property Marketing was formed to simplify, and accelerate the marketing of real estate, it is a real viable alternative to the static 'list and wait' system of traditional real estate sales. Utilizing Auctio's auction-marketing technologies, we believe our clients and customers can achieve more value, incur less costs and avoid many of the pitfalls associated with trading real estate. There's a reason most of the world's assets are sold via auction, from stocks and bonds to art and autos, to now even all those forgotten 'treasures' in our garage's! And we believe the time has come for real estate!