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  Increasingly, the world over, real estate agents are discovering the benefits of real estate auctions. They are realizing that auctions promote activity in an industry that thrives on action. The Auctio Property Marketing Auction is an accelerated method of marketing specifically designed with sound and progressive marketing principles to allow the seller to control the process, while realizing highest market value. It is a highly structured and intensified marketing campaign designed to educate and motivate qualified buyers to respond - resulting in sales. At Auctio Property Marketing your auction properties will be showcased with state of the art marketing on the Internet, in local, regional and national publications, in eye catching colour brochures and custom signage.

We work closely with the traditional real estate community both on the buying and selling side and are constantly looking for real estate professionals to form alliances with. Auctio Property Marketing pays brokers for referrals, if they are the listing agent, as well as brokers who represent a buyer at an auction. The amount depends on the particular situation. For instance, a listing agent will receive different compensation than a broker who represents a buyer on auction day.

Whether you have explored auction methods or not, you will be pleasantly surprised to see how our programs and people work to provide you and your clients the best possible programs and service in the auction industry. Our programs are designed to market, sell and close properties in around 75 days, but they also offer your clients choices based upon their comfort levels especially to anxious Sellers and Executors. Offering the Auction Method of Marketing real estate to consumers in general will bring the most serious Buyers and Sellers to your company and provide you with a steady supply of serious and qualified Buyers and Sellers.

An alliance with Auctio Property Marketing can help you turn those stale listings into cash and satisfied customers. At some point, high profile agents, such as yourself, manage a listing on a very exclusive or expensive piece of property and spend large sums of money advertising and promoting the property. If a buyer is not produced, do you have another alternative to offer your clients? We can provide you with one that brings national attention to the property and also produces hard offers, that result in a timely sale for your seller. With our contingency free purchase contracts, our alternative earns you very solid fees in a short period of time and also builds on your list of satisfied clients.

Auction marketing is for innovative brokers. Auctio Property Marketing will provide specialized accelerated marketing skills and expertise, setting you apart from other brokers and giving you a powerful and profitable competitive edge. Across North America, more than 50 billion dollars in real estate will be auctioned this year! Team with Auctio Property Marketing and get your share of the commissions!