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Cooperating Agent/Broker

  A cooperating agent or broker registers a buyer who purchases property offered through an auction, then earns a commission established by the auction firm. This broker may accompany the bidder to pre-auction events and, on auction day, bring the bidder, register him or her as a prospect, and receive a portion of the commission paid by the seller.
Before auction day call Auctio Property Marketing to be placed on their mailing lists
Attend real estate auctions to learn how they work
Advertise yourself as a real estate broker who is knowledgeable about auctions so that you can obtain prospects
Attend pre-auction seminars or other activities
Show auction inventory to prospects
Help prospect determine the market value of a property prior to sale by becoming familiar with it (check property indebtedness, the title, lien and market conditions, and read the due diligence or bidders packet)
Learn the commission for registering a successful buyer
Learn the terms of the auction
Register bidder prior to the auction, depending on the requirements
Assist bidder with choices and auction strategy
During auction day
Bring bidders/prospects to the auction
Help them in registration
Assist bidder with choices and auction strategy
Accompany successful bidder to contract room
After auction day collect commission check form closing
  We also offer a 2% (of bid price) broker cooperation fee (must be faxed for approval 24 hours prior to the auction) for licensees who register successful buyers at our auctions. Together, we are interested in helping you create and maintain repeat customers and clients for our auction services. Auctio Property Marketing will pay a 2% co-operating broker commission to any Realtor whose client buys and closes on a typical property up for auction.