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Have you ever wondered why collectors use the auction method to dispose of their multi-million dollar art collections?
Why do collectors of luxury cars such as Ferrari, Rolls Royce and Lamborghini sell them at auctions?
Why do the sellers of the world’s most sought after antiques whole-heartily embrace the auction process?
Why e-bay has made auctioning a part of everyday life?

The Answer is really very simple….

When you combine maximum exposure with live competitive bidding, you get a highly charged environment where people’s emotions, desires and competitive natures take over – and where the highest price for your property is achieved immediately.

That’s the reason most of the world’s assets are sold via auction, from stocks and bonds to art and autos! And we believe the time has come for real estate!

Utilizing AUCTIO’s modern auction-marketing technologies, our clients and customers can achieve more value, incur less costs and avoid many of the pitfalls associated with trading real estate.

Finally a viable alternative to the static ‘list and wait’ system of traditional real estate sales.

Maximum Exposure

The AUCTIO method of selling at auction is an exact science, born of extensive experience, study and skill. Carefully crafted to maximize the compressed time frame of the auction method, you’ll quickly realize the full potential of your property.

As experts in both the real estate and auction arenas, we understand the different components that make properties sell, including exposure that’s born out of a compelling marketing campaign.

A comprehensive marketing campaign that’s specially designed to support the buyer’s bidding frenzy well before your auction event, your custom tailored campaign will target potential buyers in ways that traditional listing methods simply can’t match.

Action-Oriented Target Marketing.

This is one of the strongest advantages of our auction method - the promotion of your property. It is inconceivable to believe that anyone would attempt to sell a product such as a house or other real estate without properly advertising it.

However, real estate agents find it difficult to do a proper job of advertising simply because the funds are not available. No one knows when or if the property will sell; therefore, it is difficult to risk a large expenditure on advertising.

With an AUCTIO auction, we can effectively determine when the property will sell; therefore, we can afford to effectively advertise the property. By using signs, print media, electronic media, the Internet and a direct mail campaign we can perform a media blitz that will reach all the prospective buyers.