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The Auctio Auction Method

Planning begins with identification of those prospective purchasers who will be most interested in a particular property and will pay the highest price. Immediately upon receiving the assignment to auction your property, we will assemble lists of prospects to target with our custom brochures, e-mail and other communications.

Quality advertising not only maximizes awareness, but also the perceived value of your property. Our beautifully produced full colour brochures, our industry leading web site and other materials make a statement about what is being sold.

Our aggressive marketing campaigns are highly concentrated under the compressed time frame of the auction method. So each marketing dollar delivers greater impact. And while all of our marketing plans are customized for specific properties and market segments, all utilize multiple channels, which include:

Local, regional and national news publications
Bold advertisements are designed for each auction and placed in newspapers and magazines appropriate to the needs of the property and marketing budget.
Traditional direct mail and e-mail
Targeted markets will receive brochures by direct mail, and in pdf format electronically. This puts the information directly into the hands of the buyers with a definite interest in your type of property
Cooperation with the real estate brokerage community
is an integral part of successful auction marketing campaigns. Our innovative, aggressive Cooperating Broker Incentive Program notifies brokers of commission opportunities by e-mail, fax, direct mail, telephone and over the web.
Property Information
AUCTIO will prepare comprehensive "Property Information Packets" (PIPs) designed to provide most of the "due diligence" information bidders will need.
Auction Hotline
Our fully trained staff answer all inquiries about your auction event, from start to finish. Their familiarity with auction terminology allows them to speak intelligently with first-time buyers, as well as, the most experienced auction-goers.
Radio promotions
Attention getting radio spots may be placed in surrounding markets, making sure news of the sale will be heard by thousands of listeners at all times of the day
Our Internet Website showcases properties, educates buyers and is open to a global audience
Custom brochures
Brochures featuring your property with pictures and detailed information will be distributed to potential buyers. This extensive exposure canvases the various markets by hitting groups of buyers that will come and competitively bid on your property
Outdoor signage
Signs are one of the most productive auction tools. They generate excitement as soon as they are placed. We design, manufacture and erect these custom signs specifically to generate attention to your auction event and to create a sense of urgency about your property within the local community
Property Showings
"OPEN HOUSE" inspections of residential properties are vital to the marketing effort and draw large turnouts of prospects during the campaign period. They afford prospects the chance to raise their own comfort levels with the physical property and its neighbourhood. Since all auction properties are sold, "as is, with all faults", buyers need this pre-auction opportunity to inspect the property and satisfy themselves as to its desirability and value

The success of every auction sale depends on effective marketing and promotion. At AUCTIO all auctions are carefully analyzed and evaluated before aggressive, highly effective marketing and promotional campaigns are prepared and targeted to the appropriate buyer pool.