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Through open competitive bidding the seller will receive the highest offer available in the market. Auction is a true market forum - the highest bidder will pay the lowest price that a seller will accept.
Auctions transform negotiating into competitive bidding. No Buyer/Seller Negotiation!
No Contingencies! Auctio Property Marketing auction properties are sold in “as is, where is” condition. Potential buyers are given ample time to inspect properties prior to auction. Terms and conditions are preset and non-negotiable. The Seller sets the terms and conditions of the sale.
Unlimited Ceiling The essence of auctioning is competitive bidding
Accelerates sales. Sellers get maximum exposure for their properties. The auction marketing strategy is more concentrated than conventional advertising, it is more intense and visible. There is no time for “dilly-dallying”, negotiating or playing time games.
Eliminates high seller carrying costs. By selling quickly, the seller is able to avoid high carrying costs such as insurance, real estate taxes, security and maintenance and is also able to benefit from the use of the monies to reinvest in other real estate or investment opportunities elsewhere. Seller knows exactly when the property will sell.
Auction eliminates numerous and unscheduled showings. Open houses only on set dates.
Historic Pricing – Historically when the market is on the upswing, public auctions have established the highest prices. When the market is declining, an auction will capture the current market price before values drop
Pay no commission or settlement cost. Advertising is the only cost to our sellers. When a seller signs our service contract there is a pre-determined advertising fee. The amount of the fee depends on the size of the property and the size of the necessary advertising campaign. What you’re bid is what you take home. The buyer pays our commission via a buyer’s premium..
Transparency & Fairness. Strong preference for auctions because they are overtly transparent, fair and open. Sellers cannot be accused of hidden agendas, covert dealings or selling at deflated prices
THE REAL DEAL. Auctions are not filled with promise: they are the “real deal”. They are not suspensive or a potential or possible sale. Auctions are not dependant on finance, other sales or various other potential deal breakers. On the fall of the hammer the auction is finalized and complete