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  What are the Advantages to the Buyer in an Auction?

Smart investments are made as properties are usually purchased at fair market value through competitive bidding. The Buyer sets the limit they’re willing to spend.
Unlike traditional sales where it usually comes down to just one buyer and the seller negotiating, the auction method allows the buyer to set their limit to what they are willing to pay for a property. If that limit isn’t reached, they have saved themselves time and potentially thousands of dollars, which would have otherwise been spent with a traditional sale. You know the price paid is in line with the general buying public’s perception of value. An auction establishes true market value, which is only what the public is willing to pay

The buyer knows the seller is committed to sell.
When our clients pursue the auction method to sell their property, rest assured, they are committed to selling and closing the contract. They select a date of sale and let the buying public determine value. Typically, our clients have chosen this method in order to expedite the sell of a property. Traditional sales are full of people attempting to sell their property at an unreasonable price. Searching through these listings can take months to find an owner that is motivated to sell. Our clients are committed to selling their property in a timely fashion, and they know the auction marketing method is the only truly effective method to expedite the sale of their property.

Auctions eliminate long negotiation periods.
Terms of the sale are defined prior to auction leaving only the price to be established. Simple, the winning bidder determines the amount paid. It is the most efficient way there is to purchase real estate. There is no back and forth negotiating.

Purchasing and closing dates are known.
You can take comfort in knowing that most real estate closings take place no later than 30 days after the end of the auction, or during another timeframe by agreement.

Buyers know they are competing openly, and fairly and on the same terms as all other buyers.

Buyers receive comprehensive information on property via Property Information Packages (PIP’s)
To get you started, we typically prepare colour brochures for each property and auction. This will start you on your way to a well-informed purchase on the day of the auction. In the case of certain properties, you may have the option of ordering a Property Information Package (PIP) from us. If such a package is available for a given property, availability will be advertised on the property's page on this site. This package is a detailed compendium of all relevant information with respect to a given property.

Certainty & Peace of Mind
As the buyer, you will have the comfort of knowing that the property is going to be sold on the day of the auction there are no more worries about seller hesitation. The seller has committed to selling the property that day. You can feel better knowing that there are other potential buyers and there is a contending bid just one increment under purchase price.

Reduced time to purchase property?
Buyers know that property owners will sell at their lowest price possible. You do not have to worry about contingencies.